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About Us

Dandelion Lane Farm

We are located in beautiful British Columbia Canada, on a quiet farm in south Langley. 


Our Story

After a long time childhood dream of having pet goats, we have finally been able to make this dream a reality. With growing up in the horse breeding business it only seemed fitting that would continue the passion of breeding in our love of Nigerian Dwarf goats as well!


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Nigerian Dwarf goats known for their playful, kind and gentle personalities, making them great companions and pets. With their smaller size lower Maintenance relatively easy to care for, requiring less space and feed compared to larger goat breeds, but still being excellent milk producers, despite their small size! They also have lots of different colourful coats, blue or brown eyes and horned or polled ( naturally hornless).  

They make great additions to your farm, wether they are pets or used for milking, as they have the highest butterfat content out of all the dairy goat breeds.

This makes for excellent soap making, cheese or creamy milk to drink.

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