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To reserve your kid with us, we require 50% of the value  as deposit to ensure your commitment. Full payment must be made before the  animal  leaves the property.


 Reservations are made based on the order in which contact is made and deposits are received.  All deposits on cancelled reservations are non-refundable however in the event we are unable to fill your reservation or if the animal does not meet our standards of quality, your deposit may be transferred to another choice, moved to the following year or refunded upon request. 

As the breeder, we reserve the right to retain  or refuse the sale of an adult or kid to anyone, for any reason, at any point in the transaction, in which case your deposit will be refunded. 

Goats MUST NOT be alone. If buying a single goat from us you must have at least one other for them to live with.


We are not responsible for the transportation of the goat, please bring your own clean crate when you come up pick up your animal.


If a goat is to be shipped, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including flight, shipping crate and possible transportation cost. We ship out of Abbotsford Airport. The buyer is also responsible for booking the flight or hauling  at a mutually agreed upon date and time. 

If we do not receive contact after a week after agreed pick up date, we deem you are walking away from the sale and no re fund of deposit.


Our goats are guaranteed healthy when they leave our care, after they have left our farm ALL responsibility of the animal transfers to new owner. 


 For bio-security reasons, we can not have goats return to our farm once they have left.


All kids, with the exception of wethers, will be registered with the CLRC, tattooed, disbudded, and had their hooves trimmed before they leave for their new homes.


Our herd is yearly tested for CAE, Johnes and CL on all our animals as of a year old. (always negative)


We do our best with disbudding kids but we cannot guarantee that they will not develop scurs



Buckings are ready to leave at 8 weeks, Does and wethers are ready 10-12 weeks. If the animal needs to stay past this time frame will with charge $2.00 a day for care of them.

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